KtJet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

KtJet Tracker and Wiki

This is the KtJet development Wiki and tracker. KtJet developers should be able to edit these Wiki pages and use the tracker. See TracWiki and TracGuide for more information.

In the near future, we will incorporate ConeJet, Will Plano's C++ implementation of the cone algorithm using the KtJet interface. We also hope to work with the developers of FastJet to come up with a more general jet-finding package offering all the widely used jet-finding algorithms.

We need to find a way of getting better performance from the KtLorentzVector class.

See KtJetVersions for information about the different branches in the source code repository. See KtJetRelease for details of the procedure for making a release. See KtJetInstall for instructions on installing the package.

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