KtJet is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham

Procedure for making a release of KtJet

See also https://hepforge.cedar.ac.uk/cedar/bugtrack/wiki/CedarBuildProcedure .

  • Check out code from appropriate branch of Subversion repository, e.g.: svn co svn+ssh://svn.cedar.ac.uk/svn/hepforge/ktjet/trunk ktjet
  • Edit configure.ac to set appropriate version number for new release, e.g. 1.08 in AC_INIT([KtJet],[1.08],[ktjet@cedar.ac.uk],[KtJet])
  • Make sure files like ChangeLog?, README and INSTALL are up to date.
  • Commit any changes (to configure.ac and/or other files) to repository.
  • Run autoreconf -iv and configure.
  • Run make distcheck to create a tarball (KtJet-1.08.tar.gz in this case) and then unpack and test it.
  • If that works OK...
  • Tag the code by copying it to a subdirectory of "tags": e.g. svn copy svn+ssh://svn.cedar.ac.uk/svn/hepforge/ktjet/trunk svn+ssh://svn.cedar.ac.uk/svn/hepforge/ktjet/tags/ktjet-v1r8 -m "Tagging release 1.08"
  • Copy tarball to /hepforge/downloads/ktjet on the HepForge server.
  • Edit /hepforge/projwww/ktjet/index.html to add a news item about the new release.
  • Send an announcement to the mailing list ktjet-announce@…
  • Close any relevant Trac tickets or milestones
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